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Student Activity in Canvas: Getting an Accurate Picture
There are certain circumstances in which you may wish to examine student activity within your Canvas course site.  For example, you may wish to see whether students are reading an important content page you added to a module. Alternatively, you may s (More)
Canvas' New Gradebook: Features and Tips
  Note: This post was updated May 1, 2019, to reflect changes in the New Gradebook. Canvas' New Gradebook is now available for instructors to enable on a course-by-course basis.  You can enable the New Gradebook for a course you are teaching b (More)
Canvas' Accessibility Checker: What It Can Do for You
Introduction The Accessibility Checker is a powerful tool within Canvas’ Rich Content Editor that allows you to run a quick accessibility test on content you have created within the Editor, including text, images, and hyperlinks.  Anywhere the Ric (More)
Customizing Your Canvas Course Navigation Menu
The Canvas Course Navigation Menu: A Brief Introduction For both you and your students, the course navigation menu is your means of finding your way around your Canvas course site.  However, the menu may not look the same for you and your students. (More)
New Feature in Canvas Gradebook: Exporting the Notes Column
Note: This post was updated on March 13, 2019, to include information for the New Gradebook. The Canvas Gradebook features a Notes column in which you can record comments about particular students' performance.  Data in this column are never used by (More)
Video Conferencing and Remote Class Sessions in Canvas
Ever wondered how to connect with your students during a cold snap or treacherous weather conditions?  Canvas has a built-in web conferencing tool (BigBlueButton) for remote collaboration, which is easy to set up and use.  You can access this tool th (More)
Weighting Grades, Giving Extra Credit, and Other Tips on Managing Assignments and Grades in Canvas
Canvas provides a fully functional gradebook that can help both instructors and students to keep track of their progress in a course. Once you figure out its few quirks, you will be able to manage grades with ease. I. Some T (More)
New Feature in Canvas: HTML5 Support for Firefox and Chrome
Canvas now supports HTML5 in its Rich Content Editor for Firefox and Chrome.  If you are using one of these browsers, yo (More)
Home Pages in Canvas
When students go to the Canvas site for your course, the first thing they see is the Home Page. Choosing the right Home Page can make your Canvas site more useful for your students by directing them to the materials or information that they most need (More)
Email and Beyond: The Art of Communication in Canvas
  Canvas offers multiple built-in tools that instructors can use when communicating with their students.  Each has its own strengths and particular situations to which it is well-suited. Email/Conversations More)
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