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Some Ways to Make WebEx Meetings a Little Better
As WebEx adoption grows on campus, we now have over 5,200 users, I am spending more tim (More)
Overview of UChicago IT to FACT
Today we provided a detailed review of the UChicago IT initiative to Forum for Academic Computing and Technology (FACT) group. FACT is a group designed for members of UChicago academic IT community and is meant to provide an opportunity to discuss ca (More)
Data Collection Complete
At the end of 2016 we concluded the primary data collection phase and have started to look at trends in what was reported. We did not gather data on every aspect of IT from all the units we are working with, but we have been pouring over the data and (More)
Data Collection Update
Thanks to the hard work of our Unit and Division colleagues from across the University, we have begun to receive responses to our campus-wide data collection efforts. The information our partners are providing is extensive and will go a long way in h (More)
Campus Data Collection Kicks Off
Data collection for the IT Rationalization project officially kicked off with the broader campus community in mid-September. While we know this is a significant effort for all involved, IT Services is grateful for the work each unit and division is p (More)
Toward IT@UChicago
About 12 months ago (on 9/28/2015), I sat down with the IT Leaders from across campus for the first time ever to talk about the environment we all work in. It was an interesting first meeting in that when we talked about the kinds of things they woul (More)
ITS Senior Leadership Project Kickoff
On Tuesday, August second, we provided an opening presentation for the IT Services Senior Leadership Group. This update provided members of the CIO's senior staff with an opportunity to better understand the goals of the IT Rationalization program th (More)
Shared Services Program Team Briefing
Today, Chris Riedel, IT Rationalization project lead, and Rob Speer, program manager, provided a briefing to the Shared Services Program Team. Much of the content of the presentation mirrored that of what is currently available on this site. The ITR (More)
IT Leaders Lunch & IT Rationalization
On Tuesday, August ninth, the IT Services Senior Leadership Group hosted the monthly IT Leaders Lunch. This lunch brings together leaders from both central and decentralized IT organizations across UChicago. During this meeting Cole Camplese and Chri (More)