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CHAS eNews: September 2018
POLICY BRIEFS: Exploring Transgender Legal Name Change as a Potential Structural Intervention for Mitigating Social Determinants of Health Among Transgender Women of Color; Medicaid Eligibility Expansions May Address Gaps In Access To Diabetes Medica (More)
CHAS eNews: August 2018
POLICY BRIEFS: Placing Assimilation Theory: Mexican Immigrants in Urban and Rural America; A Network Intervention to Locate Newly HIV Infected Persons Within MSM Networks in Chicago; Medicaid Benefits for Addiction Treatment Expanded After Implementa (More)
Early consultation reduces re-hospitalizations for patients with heart failure
Re-hospitalization after discharge for acute decompensated heart failure is a common problem among low-socioeconomic urban patients, who end up over-utilizing the Emergency Department (ED). Chicago Booth professor and CHAS Fellow Dan Adelman, in coll (More)
Genetic Variants Demonstrating Flip-Flop Phenomenon and Breast Cancer Risk Prediction Among Women of African Ancestry
CHAS Fellow Olufunmilayo I. Olopade set out to evaluate the performance of existing breast cancer predictions models among women of African ancestry. Termed flip-flop (change in direction of the risk association), it means that a variant is risk (More)
Determining Association Between Spousal Characteristics and Hospice Use
Medicaid Working Group Member Rebecca Gorges, in collaboration with five scholars, examined the influence of spousal characteristics on the decision to use hospice services in end-of-life care. They examined data from the Health and Retirement Survey (More)
Advancing Antimicrobial Stewardship through Social Media
Medicaid Working Group Member Chuanhong Liao was recently part of a team of researchers which studied the effectiveness of social media as a tool for increasing internal medicine residents' antibiotic knowledge and awareness of the Antimicrobial Stew (More)
Drug Use Among Asian Americans
CHAS Director Jeanne Marsh and Doctoral Research Awardees Clifford S. Bersamira, Yu-An Lin, and Keunhye Park examined past-year drug use among Asian Americans with respect to ethnic subgroup, acculturation, and gender differences using data collected (More)
Patient-Centered Medical Home Capability
As the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model is being implemented in numerous health centers serving vulnerable populations, CHAS Fellow Marshall Chin and Medicaid Working Group member Robert Nocon set out to identify specific characteristics as (More)
Religious Restrictions on Women's Health Referrals
[et_pb_image src=" (More)
Understanding Long-term Care Planning
Increased life expectancy and the aging of the baby boomer generation is projected to create a surge in demand for long-term care in coming years, yet current policies for planning for such care are already deemed inadequate. In this study, CHAS Fell (More)
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