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Technical Research Assistant Position Open
We have an open position for a full-time laboratory technician who is 1. Willing to work for two or more years and 2. Can begin work as soon as possible. To apply, please e-mail Brian Yu at with a CV (include GPA). Cover letters (More)
News roundup: June 2018
A selection of health news from the University of Chicago and around the globe curated just for you. More)
Presentation by Tiffany Marchell
On May 24, 2018 Tiffany Marchell demonstrated exosomes as antigen presenting entities for vaccine purposes. (More)
Presentation by Gerardo Mauleon
On April 26, 2018 Dr. Gerardo Mauleon showed us how microfluidic devices are useful in extracellular vesicle research. (More)
Presentation by Léa Maillat
On April 26, 2018 Léa Maillat gave a presentation about her research focusing on solid tumor metastasis via exosome transport using the lymphatic system. (More)
Postponed: Innovation Fest: Social Sciences Research Center Open House
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Talk given by Elena Solomaha, Technical Director of the Biophysics Core Facility of the University of Chicago
On March 29, 2018 Dr. Elena Solomaha gave a talk about the opportunities an Assymmetric-flow Field-flow Fractionation System can offer for the isolation of small extracellular vesicles. (More)
Seminar by Wyatt Technology - Asymmetric-flow Field-Flow Fractionation System
Dr. Thomas Scheuermann and Dr. Michelle Chen from Wyatt Technology gave a seminar about the unique, distinctive features the Asymmetric-flow Field-Flow Fractionation System can offer regarding the isolation of extracellular vesicles (EVs). Key poi (More)
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