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Food Recovery Group
Throughout this school year, the Food Recovery Group has worked on implementing a food recovery system that donates leftover food from school events and the dining hall. During the 2016-2017 year, the Food Recovery Group has visited the Loy (More)
Cascade Teaching Group
This year, the Cascade Teaching Group worked to design and execute an educational program. This team partnered with Cascade, a national student organization that hosts classes at the University for Chicago area high schoolers. The curriculum further (More)
The Green RSO Packet Group
  The Green RSO Packet group has focused on developing the RSO Sustainability Packet and more broadly helped specific RSOs figure out how to operate mor (More)
Green Careers Panel
This year the green careers panel group planned and ran the second annual panel for UChicago students in the fall. The small team created this awesome event by inviting three speakers from different environmentally related backgrounds to speak to stu (More)
Green Career Trek
The Green Careers Trek is a Phoenix Sustainability Initiative project group that works with UChicago Career Advancement to create a career trek focused on jobs in environment and sustainability. This was the first year that the Careers Trek (More)
Campus Sustainability Group
This year the Campus Sustainability group collaborated with Bon Appetit to organize the school's first Weigh the Waste event in both Baker and Cathey Dining Commons, collecting all recyclable and compostable waste from lunch services and weighing the (More)
Hyde Park Businesses Group
This year, the Hyde Park Business Group initiated development of its Hyde Park Green Business Partnership certification program. The program is designed to recognize and improve sustainability within local businesses throughout Hyde Park. Through col (More)
Community Service Group
This year the Community Service 2016-2017 Group focused on defining and refining its priorities and activities. The group established connections with a variety of local service-related organizations and executed PSI-wide projects with these groups. (More)