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Cubs Day
Earlier this week I was lucky enough to attend a Cubs home game against the Brewers. What made it extra special was that it was an outing with a bunch of people from the UChicago ITS team. A colleague of mine had purchased a block of nose bleed seats (More)
Recognizing Ourselves
A few weeks ago I was part of a team that got to review the ITS Excellence Award nominations. There were about eight of us in a room reviewing dozens of submissions from our peers across the organization. Probably one of the most postiive meetings wi (More)
IT Services All Hands Reflection
This time last week I was finalizing my slides for the IT Services All Hands meeting. I was trying to figure out how to cram six months of observations and forward facing action into 60 minutes and still leave some time for Q&A. I was also wrestl (More)
Maybe it is the Apps
I continue to be amazed at how the iPad Pro is pulling me into the "Post PC Era" that Steve Jobs promised many years ago. Now that I have a Smart Keyboard I can do nearly everything, as a matter of fact I think yesterday may have been the first time (More)
IT Services Town Hall
Yesterday was the first IT Services Town Hall meeting that I have attended here at UChicago. It was a very satisfying experience and it was outstanding to meet everyone. I particularly enjoyed the chance to talk with you both formally and informally. (More)