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Terminal Pay
Develop policy that provides guidance addressing terminal vacation payout on grants. (More)
Develop E-verify policy for staff and faculty who will be or are expected to be working on federally funded grant projects. This will involve collaborating on policy development with the HR team in Shared Services as well as the HR staff in the Provo (More)
Budget establishment, maintenance, and closedown
Develop policy that details the requirements for establishing, maintaining, and closing down grant budgets. This will elements of budget reconciliation procedures. (More)
Interpretation of terms and conditions
Develop policy that provides clarity that the COE is responsible and accountable for the interpretation of award terms and conditions. (More)
International Awards
Evaluate visual compliance policies and capabilities and augment future state set procedures, including subrecipient risk assessment, to more closely monitor / identify international awards (More)
Confidential Information
Establish a policy to ensure that confidential information is consistently handled and monitored, including in compliance and regulatory oversight reviews. (More)
Salary Cap
Revise the policy around the treatment of salary cap to ensure that sponsor-mandated salary cap in monitored regularly and treated consistently across campus. (More)
PI Certification and Escalation
Require award certification by PIs during award closeout and develop escalation procedures to ensure this certification. (More)
Advance Accounts
Develop policies and procedures to guide advance accounts for award setup, management, and closeout. This will include developing advance account assessment questions to help mitigate any spending or compliance risks. (More)
Suspense Accounts
Develop policies and procedures to guide suspense accounts for award management and closeout. (More)
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