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Training Tip: Prepare Your File Storage Accounts for Graduation
As you prepare to graduate from the University, it’s a good time to assess what files you have stored in your UChicago G Suite or UChicago Box accounts. As a graduating student, you will have G Suite access for two academic quarters (approximately (More)
Training Tip: Improve Your Event Accessibility
This Thursday, May 16, 2019, is the eighth Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). The purpose of GAAD is to get more institutions and individuals talking, thinking, and learning about digital access/inclusion and people with different disabilitie (More)
Training Tip: Create Advanced Surveys with Qualtrics
If you want to create a survey and analyze its results, the cloud-based survey platform Qualtrics offers advanced functionality. The University of Chicago currently offers access to Qualtrics to anyone with a current CNetID for no charge. To learn (More)
Training Tip: Create Forms with G Suite and Office 365
You can easily create event registrations, polls, and surveys using the form tools that are part of your University of Chicago G Suite and Office 365 accounts. Visit to access Googl (More)
Training Tip: Make Digital Learning Materials Accessible
IT Services, in collaboration with Student Disability Services, recently released a blog series on how faculty and instructors can make digital (More)
Training Tip: Create a Strong CNet Password
A strong CNet password is your first line of defense against anyone trying to gain access to your University account. The guidelines for a secure University password is one that contains at least 12 characters and combines letters, numbers, and symbo (More)
Training Tip: Store Your Logins with a Password Manager
It can be difficult to remember your login information for every account, especially when you are using are strong, complex passwords. Many web browsers and email clients offer to store passwords and passphrases for you, but this is not the most secu (More)
Training Tip: Kick Off the Quarter with a New Website
UChicago Voices offers faculty, students, and staff the ability to build websites, blogs, and portfolios for projects you’re launching this quarter and beyond. For instructors, Voices offers a platform to ho (More)
Training Tip: Stay in Touch with the Outlook Mobile App
This spring break, you can easily stay in touch over email with the Outlook mobile app. For Office 365 users, the Outlook app allows you to access your UChicago email account to send and receive email, attach files, and schedule meetings all from you (More)
Training Tip: Avoid Email Scams
IT Services has been monitoring an active, persistent scam that is targeting staff at the University as well as many other institutions. These types of email scams use messaging to press a recipient to act quickly, usually asking the recipient to pur (More)
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