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Feeling Mexican Styles in Pilsen
Author: Minghao Yang Program of Study: SSD Computational Social Science Pilsen, which refers to either a populous city of Czech, or a renowned type of beer born in Czech, seems to have nothing to do with Mexico or Mexicans; however, Pilsen in Chi (More)
To Kill A Neighborhood: Urban Transport Policies and the Decline of Bronzeville
Author: Alvin Ulido Lumbanraja Program of Study: SSD MAPSS (MA Program in the Social Sciences)   Before Bronzeville gained notoriety in rece (More)
Exploration of Andersonville, a Congregation of Swedish immigrants -- Comparison of Chinese and Swedish Immigration
Author: Yongfei Lu Program of Study: SSD Computational Social Science Figure 1: Slog (More)
The Identity of Pilsen—Spanish Language Presence, Cultural Appropriation, and Gentrification
Author: Yuxin Fan Program of Study: Humanities MAPH For any visitors to neighborhoods formed by an ethnic diaspora, they must have been greeted by the profusion of street names and shop signs in foreign languages. Indeed, racial minority groups t (More)
Pilsen: The Land of Immigration
Author: Joonsuk Kang Program of Study: PSD Statistics Two years ago, I moved to the United States. As a newcomer to this land, I have been deeply interested in the histories and stories of other newcomers, or immigrants in general. One of my favo (More)
5 Ways to Keep your Writing and Research Momentum going over Winter Break
Worried that vacation, travel, and shifts in your routine might hinder your productivity? Check out tips to keep your progress going while also accounting for your need to relax, rest, and reconnect with friends and family! [caption id="attachment_9 (More)
Free drop-in childcare for Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Parents
UChicagoGRAD and the Family Resource Center are offering free drop-in childcare op (More)