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Recent Study by Co-author Jean Decety Provides Insight into the Neurology of Empathy and Reward

Co-author Jean Decety, a professor at the University of Chicago, says the results provided important insights into why some people don’t care as much when hurting others.

“Empathy and sympathy are necessary abilities to understand the potential consequences decisions will have on the feelings and emotions of others, even if the recipients of those decisions belong to a different group,” he says.

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Harriet de Wit Explains the Neurobiology of Ecstasy

“People who use it recreationally claim that it makes them feel more social, more interested in interacting with other people, more connected with other people,” said study author Harriet de Wit, a professor at the University of Chicago’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience.

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John Cacioppo’s Interview with XXXIV Congresso Interamericano de Psicologia

People Who Care About Justic Exhibit Higher-Order Cognition Associated With Reason

Individuals who are more concerned about justice are influenced more by reason than by emotion, according to a new brain scan study from the University of Chicago’s Department of Psychology and Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience.

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How husbands can affect the health and longevity of a marriage according the Senior Fellow Linda Waite, and data from NSHAP

A recent study from UChicago researchers shows that a husband’s agreeable personality and good health are crucial for preventing conflict among older couples who have been together a long time.

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