Cognition Emotion Neuroscience Laboratory


Dr. Keedy’s lab, the Cognition Emotion Neuroscience Lab, focuses on cognitive and emotional neural systems – and their overlap – in patients with psychiatric disorders and other conditions of interest to psychiatry, such as effects of substances of abuse or of developmental factors impacting risk for psychopathology.  The lab utilizes highly sensitive neurophysiological and neurocognitive methods to address these areas. A major lab focus is in psychotic disorders, Dr. Keedy’s original area of focus and expertise.  Another major focus for the lab is through Dr. Keedy’s collaborations centered on effects of substances of abuse. 

Neuroimaging Core

The CENSL Neuroimaging Core (CENSL-NC) is a group of academics, staff, and students led by Dr. Keedy. Collectively, they provide support for functional and structural MRI and EEG research for Dr. Keedy’s work and for that of her collaborators. The work of CENSL-NC ranges from cognitive task development consultation and programming, training on practical aspects of data acquisition and analysis, or direct provision of analysis, data interpretation, and manuscript or grant proposal preparation.

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