Spring Schedule

Tuesday, April 8, 4:30 Cobb 103: Reading Session: Maria Todorova, “Hierarchies of Eastern Europe: East-Central Europe Versus the Balkans”

Tuesday, April 22, 4:30, Cobb 103: Ilana Miller, “The Prague Spring, the Polish Anti-Zionist Campaign, and the Crucible of Israel Activism: Discourse on Israel after the Six-Day War in Poland and Czechoslovakia”

Wednesday, April 30, , 5:00, John Hope Franklin Room: Michaela Appeltova and Katie Tucker (co-sponsored with the Transnational Approaches to Modern Europe) Essays can be found by clicking here.  For password help or more information, please contact Daniel Pratt at dpratt@uchicago.edu

Thursday, May 8, Franke Institute, 4:30: Krassimira Daskalova (Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski (Bulgaria), Joy Foundation Fellow at Radcliffe Center for Advanced Study, Harvard University), “Clio On the Margins: on the Developments of Women’s and Gender History in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe.” (Co-sponsored with Slavic Colloquium, Anthropology Department, History Department, Center for Sexuality and Gender Studies, CEERES)

Thursday, May 22, 4:30, Cobb 119, Kateřina Svatoňová, Charles University, “Experiments with Crumbling World: Czech (Not So) New Wave and Its Cinematographer Jaroslav Kučera”

Thursday, May 29, 4:30, Cobb 119: Jessica Resvick, Letters of Crisis, Crisis of Letters:The Epistolary Form in Joseph Roth’s Radetzkymarsch


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