Spring Quarter 2015

April 6 : 4:30 PM, Wieboldt 206. Sunny Yudkoff, Lecturer in Yiddish Language in the Germanics Department, will be giving her presentation “His Own Magic Mountain: David Vogel and the Hebrew Sanatorium.”

April 20: 4:30 PM, Wieboldt 206. Mirjam Berg, graduate student in the German Department, will be giving her presentation “Writing Female Modernity: The Diary Novel in Early 20th Century German Literature.”

May 11: 4:30 PM, Wieboldt 206. Antje Postema, graduate student in Slavic Literatures and Languages, will be giving her presentation “Collected Memory, Collective Memory: Recall, Collaboration, and Belonging in Two Postwar Bosnian Commemorative Projects, Pictures from the Corner and It Was a Beautiful, Sunny Day.”

May 18: 4:30 PM, Foster 505. The Central Europe Workshop is pleased to announce a joint presentation with Simon Hajdini and Lidija Šumah. They will be presenting their paper: “The Fetish Character of anti-Semitism and its Secret. Two Žižekian Interventions.”
Simon Hajdini is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Lidija Šumah, PhD, is a researcher at the Department of Philosophy, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

May 24, 5 PM Logan Center: Film Screening, Ulrich Seidl “Import/Export.”

June 1: Lisa Scott, graduate student in History, will be giving her presentation “The Letter of Majesty: Promises of Religious Freedom.”

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