Event Archive

2020-21 Events

Terry Janzen, “Can Gesture Become Grammar? Complexities of Perspective-taking and Gesture Spaces in ASL” November 18, 2020 (via Zoom)

Kita Sotaro, “What do iconic gestures communicate to children?” February 11, 2021 (via Zoom)

Motion & Meaning Lecture Series (in collaboration with the Neubauer Collegium)
Tista Bagchi,
“Dance, Illocutions, and Discourse Representation” February 19, 2021 (via Zoom)

Isabelle Charnavel, “Moving to the Rhythm of Spring: A Case Study of the Rhythmic Structure of Dance” March 26, 2021 (via Zoom)

Roi Tartakovsky, Ben Glaser, Steven Meyer, Thomas Wisniewski, Jake Wilder-Smith, & Christopher Hasty, “Rethinking and Revaluing Poetic Rhythm” April 21, 2021 (via Zoom)

2019-20 Events

Markus Steinbach, “The semantics of gestures in sign language narration” November 13, 2019

Markus Steinbach, “The semantics and pragmatics of response particles in DGS” November 14, 2019

Rain Bosworth, “How the Eyes “Read” Sign Language: An Eye-tracking Investigation of Infants, Children and Adults during Sign Language Processing” January 28, 2020

2018-19 Events

Annelies Kusters, “One village, two sign languages: Intergenerational relationships and language ideological assemblages in Adamorobe, Ghana” November 5, 2018

Annelies Kusters “Linguistic ethnography and translingual practices” November 6, 2018

Gerald Shea, “The Language of Light” March 1, 2019

Workshop on Automatic Sign Recognition May 15, 2019

2017-18 Events

Pamela Perniss, “Talking about space with space: Insights from cross-linguistic comparison and development” February 1, 2018

Gesture and Sign in Relation to Storytelling” October 19, 2017

The Body’s Role in Thinking, Performing, and Referencing Final Conference” October 20, 2017

2016-17 Events

Josep Quer, “Sign language imperatives and the form of reproachatives in LSC.” May 23, 2017

Terra Edwards, “Fields and Fieldability in a Protactile World: social and interactional foundations of language emergence.” April 21, 2017

Fernanda de Araújo Machado, “A Poetry Anthology in Brazilian Sign Language (LIBRAS)” April 11, 2017

Joshua Wiliams, “Experience-­‐dependent neuroplasticity and perceptual tuning to salient sequences in American Sign Language.” March 3, 2017

Kenny Smith, “The acquisition and evolution of linguistic variation.” February 1, 2017

Donna Jo Napoli, “The drive for ease of articulation in sign languages and repercussions for the lexicon and for historical linguistics.” October 27, 2016

Donna Jo Napoli, “Influence of predicate sense on sign order: Intensional and extensional verbs.” October 28, 2016

2015-16 Events

Nathan Mitchell: “Action-Cognition Transduction: A Proposed Mechanism for Enhancing Mathematical Intuition During Proof Production.” May 23, 2016

Marie Coppola: “Unexpected routes to language: Evidence from child and adult homesign systems.” February 19, 2016

Marie Coppola, Douglas Ridloff & Joseph Hill: “Roots, Diversity, Imagery: The driving force behind sign language identity.” February 19, 2016.

Joshua Monten: “Doggy Style. A performance at the intersection of dance and sign language.” September 29, 2015

2014-2015 Events

Philippe Schlenker: “Gesture Projection and Co-suppositions.” May 8, 2015

Philippe Schlenker: “Logic and Iconicity: The Case of Sign Languge Loci.” May 7, 2015.

Rachel Mayberry: “What acquiring language for the first time as a teen looks like: Case studies of cross-cultural adoption.” March 6, 2015

Rachel Mayberry: “The Dual Origins of Language Ability: Post-natal Brain Development and Linguistic Experience.” March 5, 2015

Kate Davidson: “Can you quote an action? Iconic event modification in sign, speech, gesture, and writing.” October 13, 2014.

2013-2014 Events

Anastasia Giannakidou: “From gesture to sign: the ingredients of language.” May 7, 2014.

Daniel Casasanto & Haun Saussy: “Hidden metaphors in gesture, sign, and spoken language.” February 28, 2014

Peter Cook: “Performance Narrative in Storytelling.” March 10, 2014

Lenore Grenoble & Howard Nusbaum. November 18, 2013.