Location: Searle Laboratory, basement 013

Bruker D8 Venture hosts the experimental setup in a spacious enclosure that provides room for a fixed-chi goniometer, high brilliance IµS microfocus X-ray dual Cu/Mo sources and features the high sensitivity PHOTON 100 CMOS detector with a large 100-cm2 active area. The diffractometer is “all-air-cooled” configured. The instrument is equipped with an Oxford Cryosystem (700 series) nitrogen low-temperature unit capable of producing experimental temperatures in a range of 80-400K.

 The room is equipped with two computational stations DELL OPTIPLEX 9020 with a variety of crystallographic software, Cambridge Structural Database (along with all programs supplied by Cambridge Crystallographic Data Center such as full featured Mercury and Mogul) and in-house crystallographic database are installed and kept up-to-date. Several programs are available for individual installation under site license agreements.

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