If you are interested in having your baby or child participating in one of the studies conducted in the Child Neurosuite, contact Jessica Linder or Dr. Jean Decety by email: childneurosuite [at]

Currently, we are conducting two projects with infants and children to examine the development of moral reasoning. We combine EEG and eye-tracking measurements with behavioral tasks that assess various basic elements of morality including sensitivity to fairness, sharing, and social evaluations.

All projects are approved by the University of Chicago IRB.
Children and their parents are paid for their time.

Frequently Asked Questions for Children with EEG

What if my child becomes fussy or uninterested during the study?
Involvement in research is entirely voluntary. Your child can stop at any time.

Will I be with my child during the study?
Yes, you can be with your child during the EEG recordings.

Does my child receive anything for participating?
Your child will receive a gift card from Amazon or Target at the end of the study and a small gift.

Where do we meet?
A research assistant will be waiting for you outside at the entrance on 5848 South University Avenue. She or he will escort you to the Child Neurosuite on the third floor at the Department of Psychology.

What if I need to reschedule my appointment?
Please call the Lab at (773) 702-4661 if you need to change or cancel your appointment.

Can I bring my other children with me?
Absolutely! You can bring them along with you. We have a nice waiting room with plenty of toys to play with, movies, as well as refreshments and snacks.