Education and Society Minor at the University of Chicago

About the Minor

Beginning in the academic year 2019-2020,  undergraduate students in the College in any field of study will have the option to pursue a new Minor in Education and Society. The minor offers students a coherent program of study that reflects the expertise of faculty across key disciplines that comprise the field of education. It provides an intellectual pathway for students among the disparate set of existing education-related course offerings, emphasizing a central theme: the interplay between human development and the social institution of schooling.

At the heart of the Education and Society curriculum is a concern with how individuals and institutions reconcile the tasks of child and youth cognitive development, identity formation, and socialization with the changing role of schooling in society and widespread concerns about social inequality and mobility. Students can take courses from faculty across the university, including courses by instructors from the Urban Education Institute (UEI) and the UChicago Consortium on School Research.

Education and Society coursework provides a background for graduate study in many disciplines or for careers that incorporate education or advocacy, including teaching, public policy, medicine, law, social work, journalism, or government service. It also prepares students to pursue the Social Science’s Division’s other post-BA offerings related to education, for example, by applying for PhD training to understand education through lens of a specific social science discipline or applying to the new Education and Society concentration within the Masters of Arts Program in Social Sciences (or MAPSS). Students interested in applied teaching methods and teacher training should consider the UChicago Urban Teacher Education Program.

Declaring the Minor

  1. Contact either of the program co-directors (Jill Mateo or Stephen Raudenbush) before the end of Spring Quarter of your third year to declare your intention to complete the minor.  
  2. The director’s approval for the minor program should be submitted to your adviser in the College no later than the Spring quarter of your third year.

You can download the College’s “Consent to Complete a Minor Program” form here. 

Program Requirements

Students pursuing the Education and Society minor are required to enroll in CHDV 20100: Research Designs in the Social Sciences. This requirement stems from our belief that the theoretical study of education should be rooted in a broad understanding of methods, and that the course of study lends itself to the use of both qualitative and quantitative methods. Students must also complete four approved electives that consider psychological, social, economic, political, or cultural factors in education. The four approved courses may be taken from the list of courses outlined by the faculty co-administrators annually. Students may also petition for other courses not on the list to be counted toward the minor with the faculty co-administrators.

The Education and Society minor requires a total of five courses, including:

1. CHDV 20100 Research Designs in the Social Sciences (Students majoring in Comparative Human Development must complete an alternate methods course, as described below).

2. Four approved courses designated as counting toward the Education and Society minor.

Courses counted for the minor:

  • May not be double counted with the student’s major(s) or with other minors;
  • May not be counted toward general education requirements; and
  • Must be taken for quality grades (not P/F) 

CHDV majors declaring the Education and Society minor must add an additional approved course, as CHDV 20100 is a requirement of the major.

Alternative Methods Courses for Comparative Human Development Majors

The following methods courses are approved alternatives for Comparative Human Development majors. Additional methods courses may also be approved by consent from the faculty co-administrators:

  • ANTH 21420 Ethnographic Methods
  • CHDV 26228 Ethnographic Methods
  • ECON 21010 Statistical Methods in Economics
  • PBPL 26400 Quantitative Methods in Public Policy
  • PSYC 20200 Psychological Research Methods
  • SOCI 20001 Sociological Methods
  • SOCI 20111 Survey Analysis I


Click here to view a list of courses currently eligible to be counted towards the Education and Society Minor. 

Additional information about course offerings for the Education and Society Minor can be found on the UChicago College Catalog, here.

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Jill Mateo (Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Comparative Human Development) and Stephen W. Raudenbush (Professor in Sociology and the Harris School and chair of the Committee on Education) serve as the inaugural co-chairs and faculty administrators of the Education and Society Minor. The Social Sciences Division will name or renew the chair or co-chairs at the end of every two year term.



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