Workshops 2017-2018

Past Workshops

Winter Quarter 2018,    Jan 3 – Mar 17, 2018

Jan 9 Chris Rozek, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Chicago
Title: Exploring the Role of Motivational Factors in the Leaky STEM
Pipeline in High School and College
Jan 16

Claude Steele, Professor of Psychology, Stanford University
Title: Stereotype Threat and Identify Threat: The Science of a
Diverse Community 

Jan 23

Matthew Steinberg, Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Title: The Direct and Indirect Effects of Closing Schools on Students’
Academic and Behavioral Outcomes: Evidence from Philadelphia 

Jan 30

Nicole McNeil, Professor of Psychology, University of Notre Dame
Title: Little Things Mean A Lot: Small Variations in the Structure of Input
Affect Children’s Learning and Performance in Mathematics

Feb 6

Lindsey Richland, Associate Professor, University of Chicago
Title: Children’s Mathematical Thinking: Impacts of Cognitive Load
and Pressure to Perform

Feb 13

Chezare Warren, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
Title: Urban Preparation: A Critical Race Examination of Young Black Men’s
Journey to and through College

Feb 20

Kristen Renn, Professor of Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education, Michigan
State University
Title: Expanding Definitios of “Success” for LGBTQ College Students

Feb 27

Steven Barnett, Board of Governors Professor and Senior
and Senior Co-Director of the National Institute for Early
Education Research (NIEER), Rutgers University
Title: Producting Large and Sustained Impacts in State-Funded Pre-K
Education; Cross State Comparisons and Long-Term Follow-up in New Jersey

Mar 6

William F. Tate, Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and
Vice Provost for Graduate Education, Edward Millinckrodt
Distinguished University Professor in Arts and Sciences,
Washington University in Saint Louis
Title: Gateway to the West: Refashioning the Arc of Opportunity in St. Louis

Autumn Quarter 2017,   Sep 25 – Dec 9, 2017  

Oct 3

James Heckman, The Henry Schultz Distinguished Service Professor,
University of Chicago
Title: Quantifying the Life-Cycle Benefits of a Prototypical Early
Childhood Program

Oct 10

Morgan Polikoff, Associate Professor, University of Southern California
Title: Textbook Research: Qualitative and Quantitative Evidence on
Textbook Adoption and Effects

Oct 17 Min Sun, Assistant Professor, University of Washington
Title: Public Policy, Organizational Reform Strategies, and Performance:
A Textual Analysis of Strategic Actions That Move the Needle in
Underperforming Schools

CANCEL: This workshop will be rescheduled. 
Oct 24

Byeong-Young Cho, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Title: Cognition, Reading, and Critical Learning in Multisource
Digital-Text Environments

Oct 31

Alex Eble, Assistant Professor, Columbia University
Title: Stereotypes, Role Models, and The Formation of Beliefs

Nov 7

Daniel Hamlin, Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University
Title: Are Charter Schools Safer in Deindustrialized Cities with High
Rates of Crime?  Testing Hypotheses in Detroit

Nov 14

Jonathan Davis, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Chicago
Title: The Short and Long Run Impacts of Centralized Clearinghouses:
Evidence from Matching Teach for America Teachers to Schools

Nov 21

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