Workshops 2018-2019

Autumn Quarter Schedule
Oct 1 – Dec 15, 2018 

Oct 12 Special Event: 
Anthony Bryk, President, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement 
of Teaching 
Title: Effective Elementary Schools: Lessons in School Improvement from 
Chicago’s South Side 

Note: This event takes place Fri, Oct 12, 2018 from 830 am – 1030 am at The 
University Club of Chicago, Northwestern Room, located at 76 East Monroe 
Street in downtown Chicago.
Oct 16 Melissa Osborne, PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology,
University of Chicago 
Title: Jumping the Ladder: How Low-Income and First-Generation Students
Navigate Social Mobility Through College 
Oct 24 Special Event:
Derek Neal, Professor of Economics, Kenneth C. Griffin Department
of Economics, University of Chicago 
Note: This event takes place on Wed Oct 24, 2018 at 300 pm in the Social Science Tea 
Room 201 (second floor) located at 1126 East 59th Street 
Title: Information, Incentives, and Education Policy, Harvard University Press, May 2018 
Oct 30 Camika Royal, Assistant Professor of Urban Education, Loyola University
Title: You Can’t Get Here from There: Equity Leaders in Need of Liberatory Pedagogies
Nov 6 Fatemeh Momeni, Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Department of Economics,
University of Chicago 
Title: Why Are Measures of Early Education Program Too Pessimistic? Evidence from a 
Large-Scale Field Experiment
Nov 13 Shanta Robinson, Assistant Professor, School of Social Service Administration, 
University of Chicago 
Title: Homeless Youth of Color and the Shaping of Aspirations: The (Re) productive Role
of Institutions 
Nov 27 Amy Lieberman, Assistant Professor of Deaf Studies, Boston University
Title: Learning Language in the Visual World: How Interaction Shapes Early
Word Learning in Young Deaf Children 
Dec 4

Student Presentations  
Ezra Karger, Department of Economics 
Title: The Long-Run Effects of Public Libraries: Evidence from the Early 1900s  and 
Darnell Leatherwood, School of Social Service Administration 
Title: A National Assessment of Variation in Academic Achievement among Black Students 

Winter Quarter Schedule
Jan 7 – Mar 23, 2019 

Jan 15  Michael Dinerstein, Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Chicago 
Title: The Effect of Value-Added Incentives on Multidimensional Teacher 
Output: Evidence from Tenure Reform in New York City 
Jan 22 Ramon M. Griffin, PhD, Chief Culture Officer, University of Chicago Charter Schools
Title: A Phenomenological Case Study of Four Black males Exposed to Cumulative Trauma
that Attended a ‘No Excuses’ Charter School 
Jan 29

Due to extreme weather conditions today’s Education Workshop is canceled.   

Feb 5 Rebecca Hinze-Pifer, Assistant Professor, College of Education, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Title: A Decade of Growth in Academic Achievement Gaps: Segregation, Common Core, or Other Factors? 
Feb 12 Sally Sadoff, Assistant Professor, University of California, San Diego 
Title: Improving College Instruction through Incentives
Feb 19 Anna Mueller, Assistant Professor, Comparative Human Development, 
University of Chicago 
Title: Identity, Mental Health & Schooling: Insights from a High School with Recurring Suicide Clusters
Feb 26

Student Presentations  
Sarah Cashdollar, Comparative Human Development

Title: Career and Technical Education in the Era of College for All
Exploring Diversity of Youth Postsecondary Aspirations in “Middletown,” USA 

Click here to download an abstract of the presentation and a bio of the presenter.

Neil Cholli, Economics 

Title: Parental Influence and Child Agency in Educational Decisions and Intergenerational Mobility 

Click here to download an abstract of the presentation and a bio of the presenter.

Karlyn Gorski, Sociology

Title: In School for After School: The Relationship Between Extracurricular Participation and 
School Engagement 

Click here to download an abstract of the presentation and a bio of the presenter.

Mar 6 Special Event 
Joshua D. Angrist,  Ford Professor of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Please Note: This event takes place on Wed, Mar 6, 2019 from 300 pm until 430 pm
Title: Breaking Ties: Regression Discontinuity Design Meets Market Design 
Click here for Abstract
Social Sciences Research Building – 1126 East 59th Street – First Floor Seminar Room 122 
Mar 12 Student Presentations  
Cristina Carrazza, Department of Psychology
Title: Making Storytime Count Improving Math Learning at Home Through Literacy and  
David McMillon, Harris School of Public Policy
Title: A Theoretical Analysis of Behavioral Infractions and School Disciplinary Policy 
Click here for Abstract 

Spring Quarter Schedule 
Apr 1 – Jun 15, 2019 

Apr 9 Jens Ludwig, Professor, University of Chicago 
Title: Behavioral Science for Education Policy Impact 
Click here for Abstract 
Apr 16 Stefanie Deluca, Professor, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Coming of Age in the Other America 
Click here for Abstract 
Apr 23

Rucker Johnson, Associate Professor of Public Policy, 
University of California, Berkeley
Title: Children of the Dream: Why School Integration Works
For more information on Prof. Johnson’s book, visit

Apr 30 Jessaca Spybrook, Professor, Western Michigan University
Title: What can we Learn from Randomized Trials in Education?
A Look at the Past, Present, and Future
Click here for Abstract
May 7 Jason Grissom, Associate Professor of Public Policy Education, Peabody 
College/Vanderbilt University 
Title: Investigating Race and Gender Biases in High-Stakes Teacher Evaluations
(joint work with Brendan Bartanen)
Click here for Abstract
May 14 Kelly Trezise, Postdoctoral Scholar, Comparative Human Development
University of Chicago
Title: Characterizing Students’ Anxiety and Cognitive Functioning During Math Problem Solving and Learning 
May 21 Sarah Komisarow, Assistant Professor, Stanford School of Public Policy,
Duke University 
Title: Getting on Track Outside of School Evidence from StudentU
May 28 David Deming, Professor, Harvard University 
This week’s workshop will be rescheduled – No workshop Tue May 28