Minor Requirements

The minor in Cognitive Science consists of six courses (600 units) across the first three categories of the major:



Number of courses required

Introductory Courses: Students explore the core questions, intellectual history, and analytical methods that define and unify cognitive scientific research. 2 (200 units total)
Formal Foundation Courses*: Students develop the analytical tools used in different strands of contemporary cognitive scientific research. 1* (100 units total)
Disciplinary Courses: These courses provide breadth in the core disciplines of cognitive science (Computer Science, Linguistics, Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Psychology). 3 (1 for 3 of the core disciplines; 300 units total)

*Students who have taken a course for another program of study that could be counted as a Formal Foundations Course may replace the Formal Foundations requirement with a fourth elective from the set of Disciplinary or Extra-Disciplinary Courses.

These courses are described in more detail in the Courses section of this website.


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