Due to the highly interdisciplinary nature of the Cognitive Science major and the diversity of potential pathways through the coursework, advising is a significant element of this program. Before commencing with the major, interested students will meet with the Program Coordinator, Prof. Melinh Lai ( to discuss their particular areas of interest and map out a path to complete the requirements. Examples of potential paths through the major can be found on the Major page.

In preparation for this introductory meeting, students should fill out and submit the advising form on this page.

Advising Form

Advising Form

To help outline your pathway through the program, indicate course numbers, titles, and enrollment quarters in the major you have taken or plan to take to the best of your ability. This will serve as a guide, not a set plan.

For the full list of courses used to satisfy the Cognitive Science major, visit the course catalog for the current academic year.

I. Introductory Courses (200 units):

Enter enrollment quarter (past or projected)

II. Formal Foundations (200 units):

Two courses from the approved set of options from a range of courses in mathematics, computer science, statistics, and logic.

III. Core Discipline Courses (900 units):

One approved course in each of the five core disciplines (500 units):

Core discipline (enter course number and title)

Enrollment quarter (enter past or projected)

Four additional courses in two of the core disciplines (two in each; 400 units):

IV: Extra-Disciplinary Courses (200 units):

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