Computer Science courses

Approved electives from computer science are listed below. Students are required to take:

  • One (1) approved course for to complete the “breadth” requirement
  • Two (2) additional courses if intending to fulfill a “depth” requirement in computer science

Courses marked with an asterisk may be used to satisfy either the Disciplinary requirement or the Formal Foundations requirement, but not both.


BIOS 20172Mathematical Modeling for Pre-Med Students*Spring
BIOS 20151Introduction to Quantitative Modeling in BiologySpring
CMSC 11800Introduction to Data Science INot available
CMSC 11900Introduction to Data Science IINot available
CMSC 13600Introduction to Data EngineeringSpring
CMSC 14100Introduction to Computer Science I*Autumn, Winter
CMSC 14200Introduction to Computer Science II*Winter, Spring
CMSC 14300Systems Programming I*Autumn, Spring
CMSC 14400Systems Programming II*Autumn, Winter
CMSC 15100Introduction to Computer Science INot available
CMSC 15200Introduction to Computer Science IINot available
CMSC 15400Introduction to Computer SystemsNot available
CMSC 20630Human-Robot Interaction: Research and PracticeWinter
CMSC 20600Introduction to RoboticsAutumn, Spring
CMSC 21800Data Science for Computer ScientistsAutumn
CMSC 23900Data VisualizationSpring
CMSC 25300Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning*Autumn, Spring
CMSC 25400Machine LearningWinter
CMSC 25020Computational LinguisticsAutumn, Winter
CMSC 25500Introduction to Neural NetworksNot available
CMSC 25700Natural Language ProcessingNot available
CMSC 27200Theory of AlgorithmsWinter, Spring
COGS 20100Perspectives on large language models: computational, cognitive, socialAutumn
DATA 22100Introduction to Machine LearningWinter, Spring
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