Extra-Disciplinary COURSES

The Extra-Disciplinary requirement ensures that students engage with cognitive scientific concepts and theories outside the core disciplines, in areas such as music, anthropology, religion, economics, and political science, exposing them to the full breadth of the interdisciplinary study of the mind. Two (2) electives are required.

A partial list of courses that could be used to satisfy this requirement is provided below. Students may also request approval of courses not included in this list or from other fields by submitting a proposal and rationale to the Director of the Cognitive Science Program.

Students interested in courses marked with double asterisks (**) should write final projects/papers on a topic related to cognitive science.


Extradisciplinary Courses

Behavioral EconomicsBUSN 20710Spring, Winter
Buddhism & Science: A Critical IntroHIPS 24240, RLST 24240, CCTS 21018, KNOW 24240Spring
Child Development in the ClassroomCHDV 22580, EDSO 22580, PSYC 22580Autumn
Cosmos and Conscience: Looking for Ourselves ElsewhereASTR 23000Not available
Crosslinguistic Perspectives on Language DevelopmentCHDV 23700, CHDV 33700, LING 23701, LING 33700, PSYC 23720, PSYC 33720Autumn
Cultural PsychologyPSYC 23000, CRES 21100, CHDV 31000, PSYC 33000, AMER 33000, CHDV 21000, ANTH 35110, ANTH 24320, GNSE 31000, KNOW 31000, GNSE 21001Autumn
Dreams, Visions, and Mystical ExperienceRLST 26103, NEHC 26103, NEHC 36103, ISLM 36103Autumn
Evolution and Economics of Human BehaviorCHDV 27950, CHDV 37950, PSYC 37950, ECON 14810, PSYC 27950Autumn
Games: Theory, Practice, ExperienceANTH 22540Not available
Human Language and InteractionCHDV 23100, PSYC 23120, EDSO 23101, LING 21150Not available
Introduction to Linguistic AnthropologyANTH 26910, CHDV 26910, LING 26910Winter
Inventing Consciousness: Literature, Philosophy, PsychologyENGL 12720Not available
Language and the EnvironmentANTH 24501, LING 44500, CHDV 24500, CHDV 44500, ANTH 44501Autumn
Literacy, Language, and EducationCHDV 20703Not available
Managing in OrganizaitonsBUSN 20701Winter
Music and AffectMUSI 43720Not available
Music and MindMUSI 20719Not available
New Cartesian QuestionsRLST 23750Not available
Politicizing the Passions: Emotions and Collective ActionPLSC 24210Not available
Psychological AnthropologyANTH 24321, CHDV 27250, CHDV 37250, HIPS 27250, HLTH 27250Spring
Remembering: An Anthropological ApproachANTH 21355Not available
Science Communication: Crafting a Science Think Piece**SCPD 11300, BIOS 28103Autumn, Winter
Sound/Image MappingARTV 27922, MAAD 20810, CMST 28010Spring
South Asian SensoriumsSALC 26075, SIGN 26075, ARCH 26075Spring
The Elements of Economic Analysis IECON 20000Autumn, Spring
The Elements of Economic Analysis IIECON 20100Autumn, Winter
The Emotions in Literature, Philosophy, and PsychologyNot available
The Evolution of LanguageCHDV 21920, CHSS 41920, ANTH 47305, EVOL 41920, LING 41920, CHDV 41920, PSYC 41920, LING 21920Winter
The Origin and Development of Political Psychology: From Plato to Martha NussbaumLLSO 28091Autumn
Thinking Psychoanalytically: From the Sciences to the ArtsBPRO 28400, ANTH 24316Spring
Truth, Half-Truth, and Post-TruthRLST 27140, KNOW 27140Winter
Virtual Reality ProductionMAAD 24920, ARTV 27920, CMST 27920, CMST 37920, ARTV 37920Winter
Writing Persuasion: Health and Environment**ENGL 12704, ENST 12704, CEGU 22704, ENGL 32704Spring
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