Linguistics COURSES

Approved electives from linguistics are listed below. Students are required to take:

  • One (1) approved course for to complete the “breadth” requirement
  • Two (2) additional courses if intending to fulfill a “depth” requirement in linguistics

Students may request approval of a course not on this list by submitting a proposal and rationale to the Director of the Cognitive Science Program.

Courses marked with an asterisk may be used to satisfy either the Disciplinary requirement or the Formal Foundations requirement, but not both.


COGS 20100Perspectives on large language models: computational, cognitive, socialAutumn
COGS 24001Prediction in Language ComprehensionSpring
LING 20001Introduction to LinguisticsAutumn, Winter, Spring
LING 20101Introduction to Phonetics and PhonologyAutumn
LING 20120Formal Foundations of Linguistics*Not available
LING 20150Language and CommunicationAutumn
LING 20201Introduction to SyntaxWinter
LING 20301Introduction to Semantics and PragmaticsSpring
LING 21000MorphologyWinter
LING 21150Human Language and InteractionNot available
LING 21720SociophoneticsWinter
LING 21920The Evolution of LanguageWinter
LING 22460Seminar: PhonologyWinter
LING 23501New Perspectives on Language EmergenceAutumn
LING 23701Crosslinguistic Perspectives on Language DevelopmentAutumn
LING 23920The Language of Deception and HumorWinter
LING 24400Lexical Functional GrammarSpring
LING 26810Bilingualism and Heritage LanguagesAutumn
LING 27010PsycholinguisticsAutumn, Winter, Spring
LING 27131Lexical SemanticsAutumn
LING 28610Undergraduate Computational LinguisticsNot available
LING 28620Computational LinguisticsAutumn
LING 29404Multilingualism and Multilingual EducationSpring
LING 30201Syntactic Analysis 1Winter
LING 30202Syntactic Analysis 2Spring
LING 30302Semantics and Pragmatics 2Winter
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