Neuroscience COURSES

Approved electives from neuroscience are listed below. Students are required to take:

  • One (1) approved course for to complete the “breadth” requirement
  • Two (2) additional courses if intending to fulfill a “depth” requirement in neuroscience

Students may request approval of a course not on this list by submitting a proposal and rationale to the Director of the Cognitive Science Program.

Courses marked with an asterisk may be used to satisfy either the Disciplinary requirement or the Formal Foundations requirement, but not both.


NSCI 20101Foundations of NeuroscienceAutumn
NSCI 20111Cellular Neurophysiology
NSCI 20130Systems NeuroscienceSpring
NSCI 20510Evolution and the Nervous SystemWinter
NSCI 21000Social NeuroscienceAutumn
NSCI 21015Biological PsychologyWinter
NSCI 21100Photons to Consciousness: Cellular and Integrative Brain FunctionsAutumn
NSCI 21400Biological Clocks and BehaviorWinter
NSCI 21625Cognitive Neuroscience in Humans and RodentsNot available
NSCI 21750Ethics through a Neurobiological LensSpring
NSCI 21811Building the BrainAutumn
NSCI 22010Neuroscience of ConsciousnessAutumn
NSCI 22015Cognitive PsychologyAutumn, Spring
NSCI 22130Psychoactive Drugs, the Brain and Behavior
NSCI 22535The Psychology and Neurobiology of StressSpring
NSCI 22600Cognition and Overcoming its LimitsSpring
NSCI 23700Methods in Computational Neuroscience*Winter
NSCI 24000Modeling and Signal Analysis for NeuroscientistsSpring


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