Philosophy COURSES

Approved electives from philosophy are listed below. Students are required to take:

  • One (1) approved course for to complete the “breadth” requirement
  • Two (2) additional courses if intending to fulfill a “depth” requirement in philosophy

Students may request approval of a course not on this list by submitting a proposal and rationale to the Director of the Cognitive Science Program.

Courses marked with an asterisk may be used to satisfy either the Disciplinary requirement or the Formal Foundations requirement, but not both.


PHIL 20012Accelerated Intro to LogicAutumn
PHIL 20100Introduction to Logic*Autumn, Winter
PHIL 21218Being and Goodnes: Varieties of ConstitutivismWinter
PHIL 21420Introduction to the Problem of Free WillNot available
PHIL 21506Memory and Unity of a PersonWinter
PHIL 21726The Mind/Body ProblemWinter
PHIL 21730Aristotle’s MetaphysicsSpring
PHIL 22000Introduction to the Philosophy of ScienceWinter
PHIL 22277The Philosophy of Thomas KuhnWinter
PHIL 22960Bayesian EpistemologySpring
PHIL 22961Social EpistemologyNot available
PHIL 22965Feminist Epistemology and Philosophy of Science
PHIL 23000Introduction to Metaphysics and EpistemologySpring
PHIL 23022Agency and Virtual Reality: A Technophilosophical ExplorationWinter
PHIL 23027Philosophy of Animal Minds: Canines and Companion SpeciesSpring
PHIL 23028The Philosophy of Human-Animal RelationshipsWinter
PHIL 23401Philosophy and Science FictionAutumn
PHIL 23405History and Philosophy of BiologyAutumn
PHIL 23501Philosophy of MindNot available
PHIL 23502Introduction to Philosophy of MindNot available
PHIL 23540Other MindsSpring
PHIL 24010Meaning and ReferenceNot available
PHIL 25000History of Philosophy I: Ancient PhilosophyAutumn
PHIL 26000History of Philosophy II: Medieval and Early Modern PhilosophyWinter
PHIL 26701DescartesSpring
PHIL 28010Introduction to Philosophy of LanguageNot available
PHIL 28101Appearance and Reality: Perspectives Across Philosophical TraditionsSpring
PHIL 29200-01Junior/Senior Tutorial: Topic: Conceptions of SelfAutumn
PHIL 29408Intuitionistic LogicWinter
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