Psychology COURSES

Approved electives from psychology are listed below. 

Students are required to take:

  • One (1) approved course for to complete the “breadth” requirement (see table below)
  • Two (2) additional courses if intending to fulfill a “depth” requirement in psychology
    • All courses approved as breadth courses can alternatively be applied to the depth requirement

Students may request approval of a course not on this list by submitting a proposal and rationale to the Cognitive Science Program Coordinator.


Courses marked with an asterisk (*) may be used to satisfy either the Disciplinary requirement or the Formal Foundations requirement, but not both.

COGS 24001Prediction in Language ComprehensionNo
PSYC 20300Biological PsychologyYes
PSYC 20400Cognitive PsychologyYes
PSYC 20500Developmental PsychologyYes
PSYC 20600Social PsychologyNo
PSYC 20700Sensation and PerceptionYes
PSYC 20850Introduction to Human DevelopmentNo
PSYC 21100Human Development Research DesignNo
PSYC 21109Concepts and CategoriesNo
PSYC 21135Zero to Infinity: The Psychology of NumbersNo
PSYC 21510Neuroscience of CommunicationNo
PSYC 21750Biological Clocks and BehaviorNo
PSYC 22620Cognition and Overcoming its LimitsNo
PSYC 22950Emergence and Development of Mathematics and LanguageNo
PSYC 23120Human Language and InteractionNo
PSYC 23200Introduction to Language AcquisitionYes
PSYC 23660The Disordered MindNo
PSYC 23720Crosslinguistic Perspectives on Language DevelopmentNo
PSYC 23820Attention and Working Memory in the Mind and BrainYes
PSYC 23860Beyond Good and Evil: The Psychology of MoralityNo
PSYC 24010Systems NeuroscienceNo
PSYC 25101The Psychology of Decision MakingNo
PSYC 25500Cognitive and Social Neuroscience of AgingNo
PSYC 25620How Children ThinkNo
PSYC 25700The Psychology of NegotiationNo
PSYC 26010Big Data in the Psychological SciencesNo
PSYC 26780Emotion and MotivationNo
PSYC 27010PsycholinguisticsNo
PSYC 28850The Biological Nature of Psychological ProblemsNo
PSYC 28962Principles and Methods of MeasurementNo
PSYC 28990Constructing Consciousness: Lessons on Mind and Matter from Color and CultureNo
PSYC 29120Human CommunicationNo
PSYC 31900The Neuroscience of NarrativesNo
Paris study abroadImaging the Living Human BrainNo
Paris study abroadThe Psychology of Problem SolvingNo
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