About Steven Collins

Steven Collins was trained at Oxford University, where he took Honour Moderations in Literae Humaniores (Greek and Latin Literature, 1972); and Final Honours in P.P.P. (Psychology and Philosophy, 1974) at Christ Church; he was a Graduate Student (1975-77) and Graduate Scholar (1977-79) at Wolfson College and Junior Research Fellow in Oriental Languages at Exeter College (1979-80). He taught at Bristol University (England, 1980-87), Indiana University (Bloomington, 1987-89), and Concordia University (Montreal, 1989-91) before joining the University of Chicago. He was a Council Member of the Pali Text Society (London). More information from the Department of South Asian Languages and Civilizations

The obituary from the University of Chicago’s news office.

A tribute from Daniel Arnold in the Divinity’s School’s Sightings.