2016-2017 Schedule

2016 – 2017 Schedule


  • OCTOBER 10, 2016: *JUNO PARREÑAS, OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, Forced Copulation for Conservation (in collaboration with ANIMAL/NONHUMAN WORKSHOP)
  • OCTOBER 19, 2016: *GENE ROBINSON, UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN, Me to We: Using Honey Bees to Search for the Genetic Roots of Social Life
  • NOVEMBER 2, 2016: ADAM BROWN, UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, The Local Food Movement: Serotonin Facilitates Efficient Foraging in C. elegans
  • NOVEMBER 16, 2016: TIMOTHY BRAWN, UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, A birds’-eye view of sleep dependent memory consolidation: From humans to starlings


  • JANUARY 11, 2017: LYDIA HOPPER, LINCOLN PARK ZOO, The Interplay Between Agency and Memory in Primate Social Learning
  • JANUARY 25, 2017: MELINDA CONNERS, CHICAGO ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY, BROOKFIELD ZOO, Shadowed by Scale: Behavioral niche partitioning between two albatross species revealed by fine-scale GPS data
  • FEBRUARY 9, 2017: *DOROTHY FRAGASZY, UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA, Hercules with a tail: Stone tool use in wild bearded capuchin monkeys
  • MARCH 1, 2017: *BRIAN PEER, WESTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY, Battle for the nest: Coevolution between avian brood parasites and their hosts
  • MARCH 8, 2017: CHRISTINE FLEENER, UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, Spatial Coding and Cognitive Development in Rhesus Macaques from Infancy to Juvenility


  • APRIL 5, 2017: SEAN COYNE, UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, The Ontogeny of Sexual Maturation: Factors affecting the development of sexual signal production, perception, and behavior in adolescent female rhesus macaques
  • APRIL 19, 2017: KATIE HALL, CHICAGO ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY, BROOKFIELD ZOO, Validating WelfareTrak® as a Tool to Improve the Welfare of Individual Chimpanzees
  • MAY 8, 2017: *AGUSTIN FUENTES, UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME, Making, Breaking, Reinventing: engaging human-other animal interface research in the Anthropocene (in collaboration with the ANIMAL/NONHUMAN WORKSHOP)
  • MAY 17, 2017: *CHRISTINE JOHNSON, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO, The Cognitive Ecology of Bottlenose Dolphins
  • May 24, 2017: *CURTIS CREIGHTON, PURDUE UNIVERSITY, Body size, parental care and life history evolution in burying beetles