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Inside the Discovery Cloud: James Evans

By Rob Mitchum // January 31, 2014

This year, the Computation Institute is launching a new series of talks from CI researchers called Inside The Discovery Cloud. The CI’s vision of The Discovery Cloud seeks to make the most powerful computational resources available to research of all scales and disciplines, accelerating the discovery of tomorrow’s critical breakthroughs and innovations. In this series, CI researchers will discuss work on topics ranging from the future of cities to climate change to genomics, using technology from the world’s fastest supercomputers to the common laptop.

Our first Inside The Discovery Cloud event focused on the Culture & Society research area, bringing together Charlie Catlett, director of the Urban Center for Computation and Data, and James Evans, director of the Knowledge Lab. The Knowledge Lab seeks to capitalize upon the explosion of digital information to study the creation of knowledge and find new ways to make discovery and research more successful and efficient. In his talk, Evans provides a high-level overview of the topics that Knowledge Lab researchers will address, and zooms in to discuss an upcoming paper with Jacob Foster and Andrey Rzhetsky that looks at how scientists come up with the questions they pursue.

You can watch the full talk below. Charlie Catlett’s talk was posted last week. Stay tuned for an announcement of more Inside the Discovery Cloud talks.


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