Dan Gingerich, Wednesday January 23

Please join us on Wednesday, January 23, as we welcome our second guest speaker of this quarter, Dan Gingerich (University of Virginia). Professor Gingerich will be presenting a really interesting paper entitled “Can Institutions Cure Clientelism? Assessing the Impact of the Australian Ballot in Brazil”. Alisha Holland will be the discussant.

The paper will be sent out later today.

Monika Nalepa, Wednesday January 9

To start this quarter on a high note, please join us as we welcome Monika Nalepa. She will be presenting a co-authored paper entitled “ Sejm Parties Change: Party Institutionalization and Legislative Organization in the Polish Legislature.″ Jose Antonio Hernandez will be the discussant.

The paper was sent to the mailing lists during the weekend. I will send a reminder on Tuesday.

The Winter 2013 Schedule is now available

The Comparative Politics Workshop wishes you a happy new year and welcomes you back to another exciting quarter. You will find our Winter presentations in the 2013 Winter Quarter Schedule. The workshop meets on Wednesdays from 5:00 to 7:00 pm in the seminar room at Wilder House, 5811 S. Kenwood Ave. Our first meeting for this quarters is on WEDNESDAY, January 9 at 5:00 pm.  Refreshments will be provided. We hope to see everyone there!

If you are interested in discussing a paper, or have any further questions, please contact the workshop coordinator, Jose Antonio Hernandez, at jahernandez@uchicago.edu.

John Stevenson, Wednesday December 5

On December 5 we will have the last session of the quarter. Please join us as we welcome our PhD student, John Stevenson. He will be presenting the paper “The Trajectories of Mass Killing Onset in New States: Macro-Trends in Problem of Initial Regime Formation and External Intervention from 1900-2006”. Aditi Rajeev will be the discussant.

I will send the paper later today to our mailing lists.


Ana Arjona, Wednesday November 7

Please join us next Wednesday to welcome our second guest speaker of the year, Ana Arjona. Professor Arjona will be presenting a draft of a chapter of her new book. The chapter’s tentative title is “Social Order in Civil War”. Morgan Kaplan will be the discussant.
The paper will be sent out later today to the comparative politics and polsall mailing lists.

Nick Smith, Wednesday October 31

Why is vigilantism prevalent in South Africa? Join us this week to answer this and related questions about post-Apartheid South Africa. Our very own Ph.D. candidate, Nick Smith, will be presenting a chapter of his dissertation (The Rights of Others: Vigilantism and the Contradictions of Democratic State Formation in Post-Apartheid South Africa). Barnard Choi will be the discussant.

I will send a copy of the paper to our mailing lists later today.

Susanne Wengle, Wednesday October 17

Join our postdoc Susanne Wengle as she presents her recent work, “The Creation and Evolution of Standardized Market Categories; or, what is State Power in Constructivist Political Economy?” Jacob Blecher will be our discussant.

The paper will be sent out over email today.

Also, I want to thank everyone  for coming to our first session of the year this past Wednesday (and thanks to Diana for a really interesting paper).