Integrated Light Microscopy Core

The light microscopy core has retired the Zeiss Axiovert200 and acquired a brand new Zeiss AxioObserver 7! To learn more about this new widefield microscope, you can checkout this video describing its functionality. The AxioObserver 7 has been added to our booking website and will be ready for training by Wednesday November 15, 2023. A few highlights for the microscope are: a full wrap incubation chamber with temperature control and CO2, full color histology capabilities, AI automated sample finder, Zeiss Zen (blue edition) software, Prior motorized stage, high NA objectives with a wide range of magnifications (5x-60x) and auto-immersion capabilities for the 40x objective, fluorescence and DIC optics, XYZT automation including time lapse, slide scanning, and mark and find multi-point over time capabilities. Fluorescence filters are available for DAPI, cyan, green, yellow, red, far red, and near IR plus DIC prisms for select objectives.