Integrated Light Microscopy Core

Staff Profiles

Vytas Bindokas, PhD

Facility Director and Technical Director

Dr. Bindokas serves as full-time director of all Core operations and directs day-to-day operations at the Abbott 129 location. He has over 35 years experience (via four institutions) in light microscopy methods, specializing in physiologic measurements including ratiometric probes, FRET, confocal techniques and image analysis. He has been at the University of Chicago for over 20 years (Research track equivalent to Associate Professor) and has over 70 peer-reviewed publications. Dr. Bindokas works in AB-129.

Christine Labno, PhD

Assistant Facility Director and Technical Director

Dr. Labno received her PhD in 2005 at the University of Chicago Department of Pathology, specializing in immunostaining (including antibody generation) and cytoskeletal biology. She has expertise in confocal, TIRF, superresolution and lightsheet microscopy. She has created a number of online tutorials for image processing with ImageJ, teaches the Facility’s two ImageJ classes and leads an ImageJ Macro Writing Workshop. Dr. Labno works in KCBD 1250.

Shirley Bond, MA

Technical Director

Shirley serves as a Technical Director of the Knapp Center for Biomedical Discovery site. She has over 33 years experience in light microscopy – over 21 years of which were spent at the University of Chicago. Earlier she served 11 years at the University of Illinois Medical Center where she was involved in research and in clinical immunopathology. Shirley also worked as a research microscopist for several years and trained under Anna Teetsov. Shirley works in KCBD 1250.