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Store, share, and find University of Chicago photography in one central database. With an extensive collection of images and vast storage capacity, PhotoStore simplifies the way your department manages digital assets.

Get Organized

Submit your department’s
images and files for safe, efficient
organization. Get digital assets
off your desktop and into an
enterprise-grade digital asset
management system.

Find Assets

Access your files and photographs
from anywhere at any time. Find
the right images for your project
in a rich collection of University
photographs—all clearly and
consistently tagged.

Share Images

Recoup your photography costs by adding images to the shared pool, where other University users can find and purchase them. Schedule fewer shoots by purchasing existing UChicago images.


  • Sort files with centrally assigned data and tags.
  • Secure your digital assets on the University network.
  • Access and share your resources from anywhere.
  • Adhere to clear permissions and copyrights.
  • Execute fast searches and get instant results.
  • Find images that reflect the UChicago identity.



The platform is based on annual subscriptions of $150, which will allow unlimited access and use for all shared images in the general PhotoStore library. (Images for Booth, Law and Medicine will still be limited to subscribers in those specific user groups, in addition to photos in the main library.) And multiple users in a single department will be given discounted rates ($150/per person, $300 up to 4 users, and $500 up to 10 users). We’ll take care of that when we see a single FAS# among several subscribers.
Simply fill out the information in this form for your access. 



The monthly fee for storage is $0.42 per gigabyte. Storage fees are rounded up to the nearest gigabyte and incurred cumulatively.

Additional Services

Find a photographer

Coordinate staff portraits or capture events. UChicago Creative can offer recommendations on vetted photographers to meet your needs.


Photo searches

If you’re pinched for time or just can’t seem to find the right image, let us know. UChicago Creative staff can help you get what you need quickly.

Get instant access to thousands of University images, and begin managing your digital assets efficiently.

If you have any questions, email or call 773.702.2852.