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Benjamin Rohr

Postdoc, University of Mannheim

Benjamin’s research examines the emergence of the first political parties in late eighteenth-century America. He applies statistical, network, and computational methods to investigate the relations between social networks, political careers, and party formation. | Personal Website

Research Interests

Political sociology, historical sociology, social movements, social networks, computational sociology

Select Publications

Forthcoming “Political Discussion and Debate in Narrative Time: The Florentine Consulte e Pratiche, 1376-1378” (with John F. Padgett, Katalin Prajda, and Jonathan Schoots). Poetics.

Forthcoming “Political Conflict and Revolt in Generational Time: The Florentine Consulte e Pratiche and Ciompi Revolt, 1376-1378” (with Jonathan Schoots, Katalin Prajda, and John F. Padgett). Poetics.

Working Papers

Under Review “How (Not) to Control for Population Size in Ecological Analyses” (with John Levi Martin). Revise and Resubmit at Sociological Methods and Research.