Culture and Action Network

Rick Moore

Postdoc, Cornell University

Rick studies the situated interaction of culture and cognition, along with the resulting implications for sociological theory and methods. | CV | Personal Website

Research Interests

Culture, cognition, religion, politics, active learning

Select Publications

Martin, John Levi, James Murphy and Rick Moore. 2018. “Protest Movements and Citizen Discontent: Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party” Sociological Forum 33(3).

Moore, Rick. 2017. “Sardonic Atheists and Silly Evangelicals: The Relationship between Self-Concept and Humor Style.” Qualitative Sociology 40(4):447–65.

Moore, Rick. 2017. “Fast or slow: Sociological Implications of Measuring Dual-process Cognition Sociological Science 4: 196-223.