CUWiP 2020 Parallel Sessions

How to Get Into Graduate School
Session 1 | Session 2
Chloe CalderonChihway ChangMichelle Driscoll; Giulia Galli ; Amanda FarahKathy Levin
A panel of professors and first year graduate students discuss grad school applications and admissions.

Careers Beyond Academia
Session 1 | Session 2
Katherine Seguino, Yangyang Cheng, Yan Li, Leslie McKinney, Sherry Rollo
A discussion of career options for physics majors outside academia. 

How to Read a Scientific Paper
Session 1 
Celia Elliott
An overview on how to dissect scientific papers to get the most out of them.

Transitioning from a 2 to 4 year college
Session 1
Sophia Silva
How to transition from a 2 year to 4 year college. Aimed at two-year college students looking to transfer to a four-year program. 

Diversity and Inclusion in STEM
Session 1  
Neli Fanning 
A discussion of topics related to diversity and inclusion in STEM. 

Hands-On Workshop: Working with Circuits and Breadboards
Session 1
Lavanya TanejaChuan Yin
Participants will complete a hands-on circuits project.

Student Flash Talks
Parallel Talks
Undergraduate students will present 3-5 minute talks on their research. 

Hot Topics in Physics
Parallel Talks
Nancy AggarwalAndrea Bryant; Nidhi Pashine; Aziza Suleymanzade
A series of short talks about current hot topics in physics.

LGBTQIA+ In STEM: Queering the “Natural” and “Normal” and Challenging Traditional STEM Perspectives
Session 2
Kendra Malone; Aria Coraor
How do our own experiences and perspectives inform our nominally “objective” science? In this interactive session, participants will “reorient the world of STEM” as we explore the queering of scientific inquiry and practice. This session prioritizes the voices and experiences of LGBTQIA+ scientists and all are welcome to attend.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
Session 2
Khanh Nghiem
A workshop discussing imposter syndrome and ways to work through it. 

Communicating Your Science: Presentations and Elevator Pitches
Session 2
Celia Elliott
An overview of how to communicate your science, focusing on formal presentations and elevator pitches.

Hands-On Workshop: Coding in Python
Session 2
Nina Coyle
Participants will complete a coding project in the programming language python. 

Fields of Physics
Session 3
Erin Boettcher; Varda Faghir Hagh; Noemi Rocco ; Kim Weirich; Leah Weiss
An overview of the subfields of physics and what it’s like to work in each area. 

Life as a Graduate Student
Session 3
Tracy Chmiel; Pratiti Deb; Akya Gossitt; Gabrielle Roberts
A panel of current graduate students discuss life in grad school.

How to Get Into Undergraduate Research
Session 3
Heather Whitney
Led by a professor at a liberal arts undergraduate institution, a panel of physics undergraduate students discuss how to get involved in research as an undergraduate.

Work/Life Balance and Self Care
Session 3
Tina Roman
A workshop discussing how to maintain work/life balance and take care of your mental health. 

APS Skills Workshop: Communication and Negotiation
Session 3
Lydia Finney; Tina Henne 
An APS-trained instructor will lead a workshop on developing your communication and negotiation skills for your future career.

Hands-On Workshop: Working with Arduinos
Session 3
Chuan Yin; Lavanya Taneja
Participants will complete a hands-on project involving an arduino microprocessor.