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A selection of health news from the University of Chicago and around the globe curated just for you.

Germs in your gut are talking to your brain. Scientists want to know what they’re saying.
The body’s microbial community may influence the brain and behavior, perhaps even playing a role in dementia, autism and other disorders. Sam Sisodia featured. (New York Times)

At the Forefront Live: Head and neck cancer
Medical oncologist Alexander T. Pearson and nurse navigator Patricia Heinlen discuss head and neck cancer, including the HPV vaccine and how new treatment approaches are tailored to each patient’s cancer type, making treatments more effective while reducing side effects. (UChicago Medicine)

Teaching our immune system how to fight cancer
UChicago researchers work to make the next leap in cancer immunotherapy, in which the immune system is stimulated to fight cancer. (UChicago News)

‘Cultured’: A look at how foods can help the microbes inside us thrive
A surge in microbiome research over the past two decades has revealed microbes do much more than simply digest food. They can mediate weight gain, fight off infection, and even alter our mood. (NPR)

Microbiome research will accelerate the biotechnology industry
Humans have relied on the ocean for millennia as a source of food and materials for tools. Now, we rely on the ocean as a source of genes that we can harness to increase food stocks and use as medicine for cancer and other diseases. (Forbes)