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A selection of health news from the University of Chicago and around the globe curated just for you.

How the microbiome influences drug action
Through their effects on metabolism and immunity, bacteria in the gut affect whether medications will be effective for a given patient. Tom Gajewski featured. (The Scientist)

A groundbreaking study is good news for cats—and people
UChicago researchers studying the cat-poop parasite, Toxoplasma gondii, made a breakthrough that will spare a lot of felines from research. Rima McLeod featured. (The Atlantic)

UChicago cancer startup gets $22 million
The immunotherapy company, based on the research of UChicago’s Tom Gajewski, will be run from Boston. (Crain’s Chicago Business)

Can gut bacteria heal food allergies?
Recent scientific work suggests that food allergies have spiked in the past few decades because environmental changes have wiped out the gut bacteria needed for coping with allergens. Cathryn Nagler featured. (Elemental by Medium)

Graphene and germ combo paves way for futuristic tech
Researchers have created a method to produce graphene materials using a novel technique: mixing oxidized graphite with bacteria. (Futurity)