DHCS 2019

About DHCS

The Chicago Colloquium for Digital Humanities and Computer Science has brought together scholars, librarians, students, and scientists to share knowledge and explore the frontiers of the humanities and technology annually since 2006.  

Recent conferences:
DHCS 2018: Loyola University Chicago
DHCS 2017: Illinois Institute of Technology

Member institutions:
DePaul University
Illinois Institute of Technology
Loyola University Chicago
Northwestern University
University of Chicago
University of Illinois – Chicago

DHCS 2019 thanks our sponsors:
Division of the Humanities
The Research Computing Center
The Department of Computer Science
Division of the Social Sciences
The Center for Data and Computing

Steering Committee:
Kyle Roberts, Loyola University Chicago
Elizabeth Hopwood, Loyola University Chicago
George Thiruvathukal, Loyola University Chicago
Tyler Monagahan, Loyola University Chicago
Lisa Dush, DePaul University
John Shanahan, DePaul University
Michael DeAnda, DePaul University
Carly Kocurek, Illinois Institute of Technology
Jillana Enteen, Northwestern University
John Dorr, Northwestern University
Mark Hauser, Northwestern University
Brian Atkinson, University of Illinois – Chicago
Dolly Weber, University of Illinois – Chicago
Abigail Stahl, University of Illinois – Chicago
Hannah Higgins, University of Illinois – Chicago
Tiffany Funk, University of Illinois – Chicago
Allan J. Berry, University of Illinois – Chicago
Clovis Gladstone, University of Chicago
Carmen Caswell, University of Chicago
Jeffrey Tharsen, University of Chicago
Michael Wills, University of Chicago