SDS Exam Proctoring Policies

Exam Accommodations Implementation Process

Students should notify their instructor of any approved accommodations as early in the quarter as possible using the steps outlined below. Students are encouraged to discuss the use of any testing accommodations with their instructor or designee. After sending the electronic faculty accommodation notification letter, students should notify their instructor by email at least seven days prior to an exam of their intent to use accommodations for an upcoming exam. Unless otherwise specified by the instructor, these steps should be followed for each exam.

Whenever possible, instructors are encouraged to implement the exam accommodations for their students. Exams may be administered remotely and/or in person during Autumn Quarter 2020. This may include timed exams completed through an online learning management system (i.e. Canvas), administered remotely and monitored live by a proctor via Zoom, or exams administered in person with the instructor/proctor. Exams administered electronically through an online learning management system, such as Canvas, allow an instructor to update the exam settings to reflect accommodations such as extended time. Instructors may request that SDS verify that the exam settings are entered by completing the Alternative Testing Agreement and giving permission to review the exam settings via Canvas. Instructors may request that SDS proctor an in-person exam or proctor a remote exam that will be administered with live monitoring by a proctor.

SDS capacity to proctor an exam during Autumn Quarter 2020 will be based on availability and SDS will communicate updates regarding availability to the instructor.

Alternative Testing Agreement/Contract

Exams for students with accommodations should be administered in the same method as all students in the class. Instructors who would like SDS to proctor in-person exams, live monitor a remote exam, and/or check exam settings to ensure they reflect a student’s accommodations should complete the Alternative Testing Agreement. The Alternative Testing Agreement will provide SDS with information about the dates of the exam. Instructors who do not have pre-determined exam dates should email SDS at least seven days prior to an exam in order to receive support with verification of accommodations for an exam.

Exam Rescheduling Requests

Instructor that request assistance from SDS with proctoring exams may note that SDS may not be able to proctor an exam at a particular date/time due to capacity. In the event that SDS is unable to proctor an exam at a requested date/time, SDS will contact the instructor(s) to discuss potentially rescheduling the exam at a date/time that SDS is available. Additionally, SDS can discuss on-campus resources available to assist with exam proctoring if an instructor would like to make arrangements to proctor an exam.

Students who would like to request a different exam date and/or time due to a disability-related reason should contact both their instructor and SDS to discuss what options may be available. In some cases, a rescheduled exam date or time may not be approved by the instructor due to test security or in cases where it would constitute a fundamental alteration to the core requirements of the class.

Exam Administration

Remote exams

  • Prior to starting an exam, students should check the allotted time listed, particularly within Canvas.  If they believe there is an error or that it does not reflect the accommodation, students should email their instructor and CC SDS will follow up with the instructor to clarify the testing details.In the event that a student starts or completes an exam and there was an error in the implementation of testing accommodations, students should email their instructor and CC SDS will discuss what options may be appropriate to address the discrepancy with the instructor and student. This may or may not include the following options, pending instructor approval: allowing the student to complete the remaining questions with extended time, providing additional questions to earn points, or altering the grading of the exam.

Remote exams with live proctoring (i.e. Zoom monitoring)

  • Students will receive an e-mail by 7:00 PM CST on the business day prior to the exam with a Zoom link with the exam appointment details.
  • Students are encouraged to access the Zoom meeting approximately 5 minutes prior to the start time of the exam to allow for check-in. The SDS proctor will admit students from the Zoom Waiting Room and will provide exam instructions per the information provided by the instructor in the Alternative Testing Agreement.
  • Students will need to share their screen with the proctor and turn on their video feed for the duration of the exam. Students will also need to mute the sound for the duration of the exam.
  • Students should access the exam via the instructions provided by their instructor for the class (i.e. logging in to Canvas, etc.).
  • Students are encouraged to communicate exam administration questions or concerns with the proctor via the Zoom Chat feature in a private message. This may also be applicable to students who may be taking breaks during the exam.
  • Once students have completed the exam they should alert the proctor using the Chat feature in Zoom. Alternatively, at the end time of the exam, the proctor will inform the student that the exam time has ended. In those cases, students should follow the exam submission instructions provided by their instructor. Instructors will receive written notice from SDS regarding the conclusion of the exam.

In-person exams

COVID-19 In-Person Exam Proctoring Policies

  • All students will be required, unless otherwise approved, to wear a mask during exam administration.
  • Students may not access food and beverages during exam administration. Students that may require food and/or beverages during an exam should notify the proctor and will need to exit the testing space to an approved area. Additional information is available at the following link:
  • Students will be expected to comply with University protocols for social distancing and the requirements set forth in the UChicago Health Pact. Additional information is available at the following link:
  • SDS testing spaces will be sanitized before and after each proctoring appointment. SDS will provide cleaning supplies to allow students to sanitize their designated testing area before and after exam administration if they choose to do so.

Exam Proctoring Check-In Process

Students will receive notification of their testing location 1 day prior to their scheduled exam from SDS. This information will also be made available through the AIM Student Portal. An SDS proctor will complete the exam check-in process and monitor testing. Students should arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to the exam for check-in. Students should bring their student ID for the check-in process. The proctor will inform the student of any instructions and allowed materials indicated by the instructor in the Alternative Testing Agreement. Students will be instructed by the proctor to leave all personal items in a designated area.The SDS proctor will provide students with any green/blue book and scratch paper items for testing. Students may only use the green/blue books and scratch paper provided by SDS.Testing will start and end at the approved times listed in the exam request confirmation. SDS cannot authorize additional time outside of the length of the scheduled exam. Students that arrive late to an exam will not be provided additional time to compensate for tardiness.Students that arrive late to an exam and would like to request the exam to be rescheduled should contact their instructor for permission, as SDS cannot authorize the rescheduling of an exam without the instructor’s approval. Please note that the approval of an exam rescheduling request is at the discretion of the instructor and instructors may not approve a request to reschedule an exam.

Testing Space

Due to limited availability, SDS may be unable to place students in a preferred testing location. Nevertheless, students will be provided a testing accommodation that meets their accommodation needs as indicated by their accommodation determination letter.During testing, students should avoid behaviors that are disruptive to the testing environment. A proctor may address a student’s disruptive behavior and request that they refrain from repeating the behavior.

Questions During Exams

At check-in, the proctor will notify the student if the instructor has indicated on the testing agreement whether students may ask questions during exams. Students may also ask the proctor to confirm if the instructor has given approval for students to ask questions during exams.If the instructor has given permission for questions to be asked during exams, the proctor will contact the instructor based on behalf of the student. This may be by email, phone call, or other instructed method of contact.

Completed Exam Return Process

Remote exams

Exams will be returned/submitted per the instructions provided by the instructor for the entire class.

Remote exams with live proctoring (i.e. Zoom)

  • Exams will be returned/submitted per the instructions provided by the instructor for the entire class.
  • SDS will notify instructors of relevant testing details (i.e. prolonged breaks, attendance, academic dishonesty, etc.)

In-person exams

  • The SDS proctor will collect all exams and testing items (green/blue book, scratch paper, etc.) at the scheduled end time. Students that complete the exam prior to the scheduled end time should inform the proctor they will be submitting the exam and give them the testing items.
  • Students will collect all personal items and exit the testing space at the conclusion of their exam. Once the exam has been turned in to the proctor, students may not request to make any additional changes.
  • The exam will be returned to the instructor by e-mail within 48 business hours after the conclusion of the exam. Due to University guidelines on social distancing and space availability, exams will not be available for in-person pick up from the designated testing space.


  • Students may not bring electronic devices into the designated testing rooms or use unapproved devices during a remote exam. These devices may include cell phones, smart watches, personal laptops, and tablets.
  • Students that may require laptops during in-person exams will be provided a laptop by the SDS Office, unless otherwise approved by the instructor.
  • Upon check-in, students may no longer access unapproved devices for the duration of the exam.

Cheating/Academic Dishonesty

Students engaging in behavior and/or accessing unapproved devices or resources during an exam may be notified by the proctor that the instructor will be contacted. Instructors may request that SDS stop testing immediately after being contacted if there may be concerns with academic dishonesty. Written notice from SDS regarding the observed behavior and the exam will be provided to the instructor.

Students should contact their instructor for additional information following the exam if they have any questions regarding the exam or their status in the class.