My name is Emily Williams Roberts, and I was last year’s coordinator of the Disability Studies Workshop. Due to many reasons, the DS Workshop has decided not to meet this year. We hope that in future years, we might reconvene!

In the meantime, the listserve will stay open, and I eagerly volunteer to continue sending out relevant CFPs, announcements, and opportunities. We have had a wave of people joining over the summer, and I hope this will continue to be a resource for our UChicago community! Please don’t hesitate to email me directly at EWRoberts @ Uchicago.com or send out messages to disstudies-reading-request @ lists.uchicago.edu (moderated). While the workshop may not be active, I hope our community and advocacy will still be. (And I’ll note that I am always down for a good disability-related conversation, official workshop or not!)

If you are interested in potentially serving as next year’s workshop coordinator and getting this group back off the ground, I am happy to answer any questions you might have. I had a wonderful time being coordinator, and encourage others to step into the role!

Until next we meet,

Emily Williams Roberts

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