2018-2019 Tuition & Fees

Tuiton and student fees are charged per quarter and are based on your academic program and enrollment level. Students are billed at the beginning of each quarter and only responsible for charges not covered by scholarship assistance or financial aid. 

 Tuiton Charges 

AMRS  $4,217 per course
MA Full-Time $12,652 per quarter
MDiv Full-Time $11,382 per quarter
PhD Year 1-4 $18,034 per quarter
PhD Year 5-12 $7,112 per quarter

Mandatory Student Fees (all programs) 

Student Life Fee  $403 per quarter
Language Exam Fee $90 per exam
Lifetime Transcript Fee $75 (1st term only)
Student Health Plan (U-SHIP)* $1,466 per quarter

*NOTE: This cost represents student-coverage only. Students may add a spouse, same-gender domestic partner, and/or child(ren) to the policy for an additional fee. Please see the U-SHIP page for more information. 

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