Certificate Programs at the University

Divinity School students may take advantage of a range of certificate programs from around the University. For more information, please click on the name of the certificate. Unless otherwise indicated, all certificates are open to both Master’s and PhD students.



Number of Courses

Craft of Teaching

The Divinity School’s program of pedagogical development for its graduate students, dedicated to preparing a new generation of accomplished educators in the field of religious studies.  We bring together Divinity School faculty, current students, invited guests, and an extensive alumni network of decorated teachers to share strategies, develop skills, and advance critical reflection relating to religious studies pedagogy.

A number of workshops and seminars, plus writing assignments

College Teaching Certificate

The program aims to help graduate students: 1) Develop and critically reflect on their teaching practice as they take up teaching opportunities at UChicago; 2) Discuss and appraise key pedagogical principles and frameworks and implement them in the design of a new course; 3) Receive formative and constructive feedback on their teaching; 4) Articulate a meaningful, inclusive, student-centered approach to teaching, expressed in a statement of teaching philosophy and demonstrated in a teaching portfolio.

1 course, plus workshops, writing assignments, and feedback

Second Language

For those seeking to develop their teachings skills generally, and their teaching of a second language specifically.

Similar to above

Writing Pedagogy

The Writing Pedagogy programming introduces participants to various theories and practices of giving feedback on student writing; helps teachers design courses to meet writing-focused learning objectives; and asks teachers to implement writing pedagogy techniques into their teaching at UChicago, reflecting on that implementation with Writing Program Directors. As part of their Teaching Portfolio, participants will design a syllabus that includes a substantial writing component. 

Similar to above

Gender & Sexuality Studies

Open to students in MAPSS and any Masters program in the Divinity School.

4 plus research paper and workshop

Global Conflict Studies

By focusing on comparative development, political economy, and applied methodology, this interdisciplinary course of study will prepare graduate students of diverse interests for careers in government, non-governmental organizations, international organizations, or multinational corporations.


International Development

By enrolling in the Certificate in International Development, you will learn to seek data-driven solutions to development issues across multiple sectors, including but not limited to economy, education, governance, energy, security, and the environment.


Municipal Finance

Gain in-depth expertise in the process, politics, and economics of public revenue and expenditure decisions. Learn the practices and techniques of modern financial administration, and the operation of the municipal securities market.

3, plus 2 co-curricular activities

Computational Social Science

Includes three core courses: Perspectives on Computational Analysis, Perspectives on Computational Modeling, Perspectives on Computational Research, plus an additional course in computer programming, and participation in Computational Social Science Workshop on an occasional basis.