Commonly Used Forms

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: A prospective student has contacted me. What should I do?

A: Please respond to them and cc so we can follow up.

Q: How do I arrange for a non-degree visiting student, i.e. a student from a foreign university who wants to do dissertation research here? 

A: The process is outlined here.

Q: What is the process for dissertation submission in the quarter of graduation?

A: There are two processes that need to be completed for final graduation of PhD students: 1) Submitting the dissertation to the dissertation office; 2) Obtaining final approval and evaluation of the dissertation by the dissertation committee. Both processes are outlined below. 

Submitting the Dissertation to the Dissertation Office: The student should deposit their dissertation with the Dissertation Office online. When the student files the dissertation, the Office will review it and indicate any necessary stylistic/formatting edits. If students file by the first week of the quarter, they not need to pay tuition in that quarter. Deadlines for submission of drafts and revisions, as well as other information about the process, are available at

Final Approval  by the Dissertation Committee: When the committee is ready to offer comments on the final substantive version of the dissertation, the dissertation chair should send the Dean of Students the names and emails of the committee members. The Dean of Students will send each committee member a Dissertation Evaluation Form, which they are to return to the Dean of Students. When the final version of the dissertation has been approved by the Dissertation Office, the Office sends the Dean of Students a final approval form. The Dean of Students will only submit the final approval form when all committee members have returned their completed evaluation forms and indicated their approval. If the committee unanimously rates the dissertation as superior, the student receives a letter from the Dean indicating graduation with distinction.