Professionalization Programming

In partnership with UChicagoGRAD, the Dean of Students Office offers a range of one-on-one counseling sessions, group seminars, workshops, internship opportunities, and trips designed to help Divinity School students in all degree programs develop a plan for their career and the skills and tools for professional success. A full schedule of professionalization programs is listed below. PhD students should also consult the PhD Professionalization Timetable.

The Craft of Teaching

The Craft of Teaching (CoT) is the Divinity School’s program of pedagogical development for its graduate students, dedicated to preparing a new generation of accomplished educators in the field of religious studies. We bring together Divinity School faculty, current students, invited guests, and an extensive alumni network of decorated teachers to share strategies, develop skills, and advance critical reflection relating to religious studies pedagogy. Find out more here, or browse the CoT program schedule and multimedia library. Craft of Teaching workshops are open to the whole university community, within and beyond the Divinity School.

Professional Outcomes

Students frequently ask about what kinds of careers graduates pursue. The charts in this section show the range of career outcomes of recent graduates, based on information gathered by the Dean of Students Office and the Office of the Provost. Please direct any questions to the Dean of Students.