Localhost for Windows

by Jan 28, 2019

Localhost for Windows

This week we are learning how to setup and run a website from scratch. No safety net, no WordPress, no Divi Builder. Just a text editor.
Since I am the only one in the class who seems to use a PC rather than a Mac, I will outline the steps needed to setup a PC to host a local server. Actually, it’s pretty simple to do.

Step One: Enable Internet Information Services
Go to Control Panel -> Programs -> Turn Windows Features on or off
Ensure that Internet Information Services is selected
Note: FTP Server does not need to be selected
Ensure that Internet Information Services Hostable Web Core is selected

Step Two: Enable WWW Publishing Service
Go to Computer Management -> Services and Applications
Select World Wide Web Publishing Services
Right Click -> Properties -> Startup Type “Automatic”
Right Click -> Start

Step Three: Setup Index in wwwroot folder
Go to OS(C: drive) -> inetpub -> wwwroot
Note: There should be two files already there, automatically generated by Microsoft
Paste or Save HTML files to this root folder

Step Four: Open Root Files using Localhost
Open an internet browser
In the address bar type “localhost” –> hit enter
The browser should display the HTML file labeled “index” (or the first HTML file it comes across)

Congratulations! You are up a running localhost.

More Information: Microsoft Forum – Localhost