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Read the IT Services File Sharing Policy

Find out more about copyrights at the Copyright Information Center

University Policies Related to Copyrights and File Sharing

Student Manual

In addition to everything else it contains, the Student manual has information regarding student conduct, the use of technology, and specifically describes the process for handling DMCA violations.

File Sharing Policy

The File Sharing Policy explicity prohibits illegaly sharing copyrighted materials using university resources, e.g. the network, whether being done through university owned devices or personal devices.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

The EAUP, among other things, requires that you not illegally share copyrighted material over the University network, including through the use of e-mail, web pages, and peer-to-peer file sharing software. This applies to University owned computers as well as personally owned computers if they are accessing the University network.

Regulated Computer Policy

The Regulated Computer Policy explicitly prohibits the use of file sharing software on regulated computers.

Policy on Business Conduct

The University policy on Business Conduct provides the policy-based ethical framework within which all University business should be undertaken.

Progressive Corrective Action

University’s policy on Progressive Corrective Action and to establish guidelines for the Corrective Action Process.