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What to do if you receive a DMCA Infringement Notice

  1. If a computer that you own or control has any material on it that infringes on someone’s copyrights, then you need to immediately remove that material, i.e. delete the file(s). The infringement notice will have the name of a file that the copyright holder believes you do not have the right to share and possibly even any right to use. Minimally you should look for copies of that file and remove them; however, any infringing material should be deleted.
  2. The message that the University sent along with the infringement notice should have contained exact next steps for you to follow.
    • If this is the first time you have received an infringement notice, you may just have to go to the DMCA Complaint Acknowledgement page to resolve the matter.
    • If you have received past notices, there may be additional steps required. Again, the message you were sent will have described these.
  3. Additionally, University policies may describe further actions that you are required to take and the consequences for inaction.
    • Students may refer to the Student Manual.
    • Pointers to other relevant policies may be found here.