ECSW Schedule 2022-2023

Christ before Pilate, from the Rossano Gospels, ca. 6th century. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

All workshop meetings will meet in Swift 403 during the Spring 2023 quarter.

Spring 2023

  • March 27th (4:30pm) – Emily Barnum (University of Chicago), “Origen’s Contra Celsum: How to Read with the True Word.”

Winter 2023

  • February 2nd (5pm) – Accordance Training Seminar, co-sponsored with the Hebrew Bible and Early Jewish Reception Workshop
  • February 13th (4:30pm) – Jodi Magness (University of North Carolina), “More than just Mosaics: The Huqoq Synagogue.” Co-Sponsored with the Hebrew Bible and Early Jewish Reception Workshop.
  • March 6th (4:30) – Bradley Hansen (University of Chicago), text seminar on book 1 of the Adamantius Dialogue.

Fall 2022

  • October 10th (4:30pm) – Bradley Hansen (University of Chicago), “Praying with Others: Addressing Readers and Their Problems in De oratione.”
  • October 24rd (4:30pm) – Dr. Douglas Hoffer, Sperma, Not Spermata: Galatians 3:16 and the Agonistic Paradigm of Interpretation.
  • November 28th (4:30pm) – Lydia Herndon (University of Chicago) , “Celsus’ Christians, Origen’s Celsus: Prosopopoeia in Contra Celsum 7.36-41.” 
  • December 5th (4:30pm) Discussion with Prof. Karin Krause (University of Chicago) on chapter 3 of her new book, Divine Inspiration in Byzantium: Notions of Authenticity in Art and Theology (Cambridge University Press, 2022).