ECSW Schedule 2020-2021

Christ before Pilate, from the Rossano Gospels, ca. 6th century. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

All workshop meetings will meet virtually during the Spring 2020 quarter.

Autumn 2020

  • October 19 – Christine Trotter (UChicago) – “Hellenistic Jewish Consolatory Rhetoric and the Destruction of Jerusalem: The Case of Hebrews.”
  • November 2 – Emily Barnum (UChicago) – “‘Beyond Ulysses’ Cunning’: Paulinus of Nola’s Poetics of Renunciation in Epistle 16 and Poem 22.”
  • December 7 – Prof. Yuliya Minets (Jacksonville State University) – “The Slow Fall of Babel: Languages and Identities in Late Antique Christianity.”