ECSW Schedule 2021-2022

Christ before Pilate, from the Rossano Gospels, ca. 6th century. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

All workshop meetings will meet virtually during the Fall 2021 quarter.

Fall 2021

  • October 4th – Welcome Reception in the Cloister Garden outside Swift Hall with Drinks and Light Snacks
  • October 11th – Nathan Hardy, PhD Candidate (University of Chicago), “A Pocket Icon and a Wall Painting: Problems with Presence in the Image Miracles of the Miracles of Cosmas and Damian
  • October 25th – Lauren Beversluis, PhD Student (University of Chicago), “Jonah and the Vine: The Refrigerium Interim in Early Christian Funerary Art.” Response by Lauren Onel, MA Student (University of Chicago)
  • November 8th – Doug Hoffer, PhD Candidate (University of Chicago), “Jesus’ Obfuscatory Speech and the Motif of Misunderstanding in the Fourth Gospel.” Response by Jonathan Wegner, PhD Candidate (University of Chicago)
  • November 29th – Paul Hosle, MA Student (University of Chicago), “The Didactic Poetics of Gregory Nazianzen’s Poemata Arcana.” Response by Emily Barnum, PhD Student (University of Chicago)
  • December 6th – Prof. Paul B. Duff (George Washington University) and Prof. Margaret M. Mitchell (University of Chicago), “The SBL’s New NRSV: the Case Study of 2 Corinthians.”